Our Service

Advisory / Consultancy services for NPA/OTS account.

It is absolutely true that in your particular field, you are an expert. As such, you know the value of consulting other experts, in order to benefit from their suggestions and guidance based on their knowledge and experience.


We are glad to offer our services to resolve your problems with the Banks/Financial Institutions. Our Executive has experience for more than 10 year; he had the privilege to work, where he learned the ins and outs of practical banking and law.

We are professional handy men. We have tools, we have the techniques, and we have the know-how.

Areas of our Specialization, Are as under:-
  • In case of issuance of Notice under "SARFAESI Act, 2002' by the Bank:-
    1. Challenging the bank notices issued under Securitisation Act, by raising various objections/making representations under Section 13 (3A) of the Act.
    2. Saving the assets from being attached under "SARFAESI Act, 2002
  • For suit filed account:
    1. Handling Co-op. Court/ DRT Case, with assistance of and/or in coordination with our/customer's Advocate, if necessary.
    2. Putting counter claims (even exceeding the loan outstanding) on the Banks, for their lapses /mistakes (such as not following RBI guidelines etc), under the Indian Contract Act, Law of Tort, Specific Relief Act etc with full and proper justification thereof, within the legal framework.
    3. inding out the mistakes/blunders/lapses and acts of omission/ commission of the Bank and defending the case properly.
    4. Releasing personal guarantee on various grounds.
    5. Challenging attachment/sale of assets,(including personal property) by the Bank, whether mortgaged/ hypothecated/ charged or otherwise.
  • For Non-suit filed accounts:-
    1. Rehabilitation/Restructuring of sick units/NPA Accounts with reliefs & concessions, and additional finance.
    2. Enhancement of existing credit limits, wherever required and justified
  • For both suit filed and non-suit filed accounts:-
    1. One-Time Settlements (OTS) in favour of borrower (consultation - and/or complete assignment basis up to finalization).
    2. Finding lapses of the Bank in sanction/disbursement/monitoring of credit limits; and redressal of the complaint of the borrower.
    3. Representing the borrower to the Bank even up to Head Office level and to any other Office or Authority
    4. Suggesting various ways to save the assets (including personal property), irrespective of their being mortgaged / hypothecated / charged or otherwise, from being attached/sold by the Bank.
    5. Solution to any banking problem

The above list is indicative and not exhaustive and we can successfully tackle any matter pertaining to Practical & Legal aspects of Banking, Finance.

We are totally aware of all the above aspects and also have complete, practical and latest knowledge of the same. We keep ourselves up to date on all the developments in the filed of our specialization.

We are having necessary negotiation and convincing skill. We are expert in communication, both oral and written.

Scope of Our Activity and Fees

We will analyze and explain in detail the correct position and the likely solution to the problem and give our suggestions for the improvements, if necessary, in the action earlier taken by the customer. We will also suggest proper remedial action plan. For consultation and execution of this plan, our fees will depend from case to case. However, be rest assured that your benefit that you will derive from our services, will be much more than the fees paid by you.

It is our desire to help you to fullest extent so that you may obtain maximum benefit from our services. To this end, we want you to feel free at all times to call upon us for any assistance. We shall do our utmost to help you.