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A ready mix gypsum based internal plaster, for direct application on brick / block walls & RCC surfaces. This is a Calcium Sulphate hemi hydrate to which certain additives are added to increase its performance. It offers a smooth, off whitish finish. METTLER Classic totally eradicates the use of cement / sand plaster and Plaster of Paris, to give you a premium wall finish.


This ready mix plaster is an improved & finer grade of Calcium Sulphate hemi hydrate, to which additives are further added to give excellent bonding and aesthetic properties. It is applied directly on brick / block & RCC surfaces. The finished wall has a premium, whitish wall finish, which requires minimum surface preparation before painting. The said plaster has fire resistant properties & resists shrinkage cracks.

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METTLER Plaster is supplied in 25 Kg. laminated HDPE bags & has a shelf life of 3 months. Our range of METTLER Plasters is a premixed, ready to use plaster made from Calcium Sulphate hemi hydrate to which additives are added to improve its performance.

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Stage 02

METTLER Plaster is a ready mix plaster to which only water is to be added for its preparation. The surface where the product is to be applied is slightly wetted & the mixture of gypsum plaster & water is applied directly on the brick wall, once the level and plumb is taken.

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METTLER Plaster is extremely easy to use. In fact, the ease of application of the product can be gauged by the fact that, the leveling and application of METTLER Plasters can be done by normal Plaster of Paris ( P.O.P). workers

The quality of the product is reflected in the finish that is evident after the product application is over.

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Black Carbon

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Black Carbon (BC) has recently emerged as a major contributor to global climate change, possibly second only to CO2 as the main driver of change.1 BC particles2 strongly absorb sunlight and give soot its black color. BC is produced both naturally and by human activities as a result of the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, biofuels, and biomass.

Primary sources include emissions from diesel engines, cook stoves, wood burning and forest fires. Reducing CO2 emissions is essential to avert the worst impacts of future climate change, but CO2 has such a long atmospheric lifetime that it will take several decades for CO2 concentrations to begin to stabilize after emissions reductions begin. In contrast, BC remains in the atmosphere for only a few weeks, so cutting its emissions would immediately reduce the rate of warming, particularly in the rapidly changing Arctic. Moreover, reduced exposure to BC provides public health co-benefits, especially in developing countries. Technologies that can reduce global BC emissions are available today.

About Carbon Black:

Carbon Black is broadly classified into two categories viz. Hard Black (Tread Black) and Soft Black (Carcass Black). Hard Black is generally used in applications demanding high abrasion resistance while Soft Black is used for applications demanding high modulus.


N-110 : Provides highest Tensile Strength, Abrasion and Tear Strength. Major Application Areas : OTR, Heavy Duty Rollers,Tank Treads, Mech Goods.

N-220 : Provides Good Tensile Strength, Abrasion and Tear Strength. Major Application Areas : Tyre Tread, Retreading, Mech Goods, Heavy Duty Belts.

N-330 : Widely used because of its balanced properties. Imparts Good Modulus, Tensile Strength, Abrasion Resistance.

Major Application Areas : Tyre Tread, Side Wall, Retreading, Conveyor Belts, Etc.

N-339 : Provides high Modulus, Tensile Strength & Abrasion Resistance. Major Application Areas : Passenger Tyre Tread, Inner Butyl Tubes, Conveyor Belt Cover.

N-375 : Balance of fundamental properties between N-220 & N-339. Its road wear properties similar to N-220. Major Application Areas : Tyre Tread, Coveyor Belt, Mining Rubber Goods.

N-550 : Excellent Extrusion Properties, High Green Strength, Medium Abrasion Resistance. Major Application Areas :Tyre Inner Liner, Butyl Tube, Hoses, Cables, Window Channel Seals, Mech Goods Etc.

N-650 : Provides Easy Mixing, Good Extrusion Properties, Higher Modulus & Low Hysteresis. Major Application Areas :Carcass Stock, Side Wall, Tube, Moulded Item Etc.

N-660 : Cost Effective High Loading in Rubber, Easy Mixing. Major Application Areas : Inner Tube, Moulded Items.

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